Rose Luxe Sugar Scrub

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A soft, delicate scrub suitable for sensitive skin! This scrub was formulated with 100% non-toxic, plant-based ingredients to not only soften skin but also moisturize! The oils, including tahitian flower oil, are so nourishing you won't need to use a moisturizer!

This scrub smells divine with the tahitian monoi flower oil. We’ve added additional essential oils for a layered luxurious scent that induces both a calming yet cheerful mood. These oils smell amazing but the truth is we’ve added them for their benefits for your skin! Oils like rose, ylang ylang and geranium have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory  benefits and are known to hydrate and soothe skin irritations while preventing dryness.  To top it off we use organic rose petal powder to give it  its natural pink hue. 

What to expect:

This blend of organic sugar, himalayan salt, nourishing oils and hydrating essential oils is gentle and smells sweet and floral.

You can expect your skin to feel extremely soft once the scrub is rinsed off. 

You’ll enjoy your healthy, glowing, moisturized skin that continues to smell amazing even after the shower. 

Key Ingredients:

Key Ingredients:

Monoi Oil: This highly prized oil is made of tahitian flowers, macerated in cold pressed, fractionated coconut oil. The smell is absolutely invigorating! This oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce symptoms of itchy, dry irritated skin including eczema and contact dermatitis. The coconut oil present in monoi can also retain moisture on the skin to protect against dryness.

Unrefined Shea Nut Oil: This oil is rich in fatty acids that help protect and strengthen your skin barrier. It also contains antioxidants, vitamin E and A. This oil can help heal dry, cracked skin. 

Rose: Rose Oil is a highly prized and rich oil due its benefits and takes 6 tons of flower heads to produce 1 lb of Rose oil. Rose helps keep skin hydrated while  balancing moisture in the skin.  The high antioxidant properties of this oil speeds up the healing processes of the skin which reduces skin imperfections and uneven skin tone. 

Geranium: This essential oil has antibacterial, antimicrobial, circulatory and anti-inflammatory oil benefits. It actively boosts skin's health and natural glow by helping skin stay conditioned and soothing irritated skin. Its active compounds protect skin from drying out. 

How to use:

Directions for Luxe Sugar Scrub:

Ideally use after cleansing skin. Use the wooden spoon to scoop out the scrub to avoid water getting into the jar. Apply to the desired area and rub into skin gently and in circular motions. Allow the oils left on your skin to remain on your skin for the most benefits. Gently pat with a towel to avoid removing oils.

Full Ingredient list:

Organic White Sugar, Himalayan Salt, Tahitian Monoi Oil (Coconut Oil Base), Camelina Oil, Shea Nut oil, Organic Rose Petal Powder, Ylang Ylang Flower Oil, Patchouli Oil, Geranium Flower Oil, Orange Peel Oil, Palmarosa Oil, Rose Flower Oil.


"I love this scrub! It is so gently and so moisturizing! I don't even need lotion if I use it at the end of my shower! It smells sweet and floral and I love that there are no perfumes and no toxic ingredients. I also, think the packing is super cute."






A soft, delicate scrub suitable for sensitive skin! This scrub was formulated with 100% non-toxic, plant-based ingredients to not only soften skin but also moisturize! The oils, including tahitian flower oil, are so nourishing you won't need to use a moisturizer!


Our Luxe Sugar Scrub is the perfect way to moisturize and exfoliate your skin all in one. With our gentle plant-based ingredients and high quality oils, this scrub is 100% non-toxic and great to use on your body!


When will I notice a difference?

For skin injuries you should notice a difference after the first 2-4 days, depending on the location of application (amount of friction and clothing in the area). Depending on what the oil is being used for some people notice a difference immediately, for example big bites, bee stings or a burn.

Can I use to much of it?

Nope! Use as much as you desire!

Does it stain?

No. our oils do not stain clothing with their natural coloring. However, if you put a lot on and come in contact with clothing material you will more than likely see an oil mark. Usually it takes about a 1-3 minutes for our blends to absorb, depending on which formulation you’re using and your skin type.

My child really wants to use it, is it safe?

Barring allergies, yes, our blends are made at a safe concentration level for those 2 years old and up. This oil was formulated originally for the Founder’s children, long before she started By Karisse. Always do a spot allergy test on their forearm first to be safe!

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Patricia Siqueiros
Super nice

Scrub leaves my skin very soft and hydrated. It also has a lovely smell. Once again, I’m happy with your products.

Thank you for your review of the Luxe Sugar Scrub, Patricia! We are so happy that you enjoy using it as part of your skincare routine!

Anna Hudson
Beautiful and pampering

I’ve been using this for my hands after long dishwashing sessions. I absolutely love how it smells and leaves my hands smooth and soft long after I use it. I will definitely be refilling!

Kari R.
New favorite scrub - gentle

I’ve used many exfoliants with varying success.
The Rose scrub is gentle on older skin and smells wonderful. Recommended.

Rachel Roselli
Highlight to my day!

This scrub is seriously one of the highlights of my day! I absolutely love the way it feels and the smell is something I crave whenever I use it! I just love it!!!

Rebecca Thompson
Silky Hands

Are your hands always in water like mine? If so you need to purchase the By Karisse Luxe Sugar Scrub and put it by your kitchen sink NOW........I am constantly doing dishes and my hands were always dry. Well not anymore!! I have a jar of the Luxe Sugar Scrub by my kitchen sink so at least once or twice a day when I am doing my 1,000th dish for the day (I have a household of 7 people) I take a little spoonful of the sugar scrub and give myself a few minutes of hand massage gently massaging the scrub into my hands and within seconds they look and feel like my 10 years olds :)