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Save on your upcoming purchase with your points.

For every 100 points, you'll receive $5 off of your order!

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ByKarisse Glow Points

Have your cake and eat it too! Get rewarded when you shop ByKarisse products.

To break this down further:

For every $5 spent, you'll recieve 1 point towards your next purchase.

Save up your points to recieve a discount on your future purchases.

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$1 Earned

20 points

All points can be used in conjunction with sales!

$5 Earned

100 points

Use towards products and shipping!

$25 Earned

500 Points

Use towards products and shipping!

Easy points: Sign up

GLOW members receive 100 points just for signing up!

That's $5 for you to use towards your order!

Easier points: Follow on Instagram

Earn 50 points by giving us a follow! We post educational, informative and inspiring content just for you!

That equals $2.5 in your GLOW bank!

Easiest points: Birthday Rewards

Happy Birthday to YOU! We love birthdays and we know how important they are because you do so much for so many people! We gift you 100 Points which is worth $5 in glow money!

Start Glowing and earning ponts!

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Shop your favorite products and get points back for them! Use these points later for benefits on your upcoming purchases.


Earn your points by shopping for your favorite products. For every 20 points earned, you'll receive $1 GLOW money to use on future purchases.


Save on your upcoming purchase with your points. For every 100 points, you'll recieve $5.00 off of your full order!

Get Rewarded for Your Purchases

Join ByKarisse's Loyalty Rewards Program and start saving as you shop! We want our customers to get the VIP treatment - and we're here to give it to you!


How much does it cost to become a member?

It is free to become a ByKarisse Glow Point member!

What is the incentive for members?

ByKarisse Glow Points members have the ability to earn points everytime they purchase from our website. Points translate to earned cash back on your future purchases!

Can I use my points any time?

You can use your ByKarisse Glow Points at anytime however, please note, points are granted after purchasing products. After purchasing products, your points will be added to your reward account.

Can I share points with my family + friends!

Glow Points can only be used on yourself and your future purchases. You can purchase a gift for friends and family using ByKarisse Glow Points but, you can't transfer them to another Glow Point member.