Calming Body Oil

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Experience tranquility like never before with our Calm Body Oil, a soothing blend meticulously crafted to nurture both body and mind. This proprietary blend unveils a symphony of benefits, from calming the mind to nourishing your skin with the utmost care.


Elevate your self-care routine to new heights with our Calm Body Oil. Let the gentle, soothing touch of this luxurious oil transport you to a state of serenity. Indulge in the perfect union of skincare and relaxation, and emerge feeling refreshed, revitalized, and profoundly calm.

    What to expect:

    Our expertly selected ingredients work in harmony to:

    Hydrate and Protect: A harmonious blend of Jojoba, Grapeseed Oil, and Apricot Kernel Oil hydrates your skin, forming a protective barrier against moisture loss. Your skin will feel beautifully soft and nourished.

    Soothe the Senses: Immerse yourself in the calming embrace of active essential oils as they create a serene ambiance that relaxes the mind and eases the body.

    Balance Your Nervous System: Our carefully chosen botanicals are designed to calm the sympathetic nervous system, promoting a sense of deep relaxation and well-being.

    Key Ingredients:

    • Apricot Kernel Oil: is easily absorbed by the skin, delivering essential fatty acids and vitamins A and E. It deeply nourishes and hydrates, leaving the skin soft, supple, and radiant.
    • Frankincense Oil: Known for its grounding and meditative properties, Frankincense Oil helps ease the mind and reduce stress.
    • Jasmine Oil (Absolute): carries a captivating floral scent that uplifts the spirits and fosters a sense of inner peace.
    How to use:

    Use this oil as a primary moisturizer after your shower or bath. Y

    ou can also use this oil for massage and as a bath oil and enjoy its moisturizing benefits and aroma.

    Full Ingredient list:

    Jojoba*, Grapeseed oil*, Apricot kernel oil*, Rose flower Oil, Frankincense Oil, Neroli flower
    Oil, Clary Sage Oil, Lavender oil, Geranium Flower oil, Jasmine oil (absolute), Orange Peel
    oil, Vitamin E.

    * Organic Ingredients



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    "Karisse’s oils are magical! My personal favorite is the Calm body oil. I LOVE the scent and all of the natural ingredients, but specifically love the frankincense, sage and lavender touch. The oil instantly changes my state and I feel so relaxed and pampered, it’s like stepping into my personal home spa! I love to add the oil to my bath or apply it right after coming out of the bath…it’s so absorbent without being greasy and the subtle scent lasts all day long! Best oil I have tried and I love the added natural hydration to my skin."



    This oil was blended for equal parts moisture and soothing. Each ingredient in this oil blend was picked because of its ability to fight against the "slow down" (aka aging). Synergistically these potent,
    plant-based oils, compliment each other and work.


    This body oil is made with no water, no glycerin, no preservatives... It is a very power packed blend. The lipid oils plus the liquid wax used are 100% certified organic and cold pressed. We always choose unrefined oils over refined because they retain their vitamins and other nutrients that are often stripped away in the refining process. The essential oils we use are the highest quality on the market. We check their batch chemical activityto ensure the oils can work at their most effective level. For example not all lavender oil is the same. Where it is farmed, when it is harvested, and whether or not it is harvested on land it is native to are all components of whether or not the essential oil will have consistently active compounds from the plant.

    Additionally, we have carefully selected oils that compliment each in their benefits and oils that also make up for what another doesn’t have. For example not every lipid oil is emollient, has all the omegas or has vitamin E, C, B2 and A. So we combined oils with different nutrients to make sure your skin gets the most balanced benefits in one bottle.

    Step into the captivating world of botanical oils for your skin.

    Discover the transformative benefits and indulgent bliss of these precious elixirs, expertly blended to enhance your skincare routine.

    Delve into the article on the benefits of oils for your skin and uncover the secrets behind our meticulously crafted blends.


    By Karisse uses only natural active ingredients that are the highest quality. Formulated using science and passion these products not only are effective but smell, feel and look amazing. 

    Our oils were formulated to benefit the skin and give it a powerful  boost fighting while it naturally heals itself. These oils are like food for your skin.  You will notice your skin regenerating faster and reducing the chances of scarring. 


    When will I notice a difference?

    You should notice a difference after the first application! You will feel the instant hydration and if you follow our application steps you will see the natural glow and feel calmer overall.

    My child really wants to use it, Is it safe?

    Barring allergies, yes, our blends are made at a safe concentration level for those 2 years old and up. We’ve heard from a lot of customers that children love the smell and routine of putting oils on them, especially a little back massage before bed! Always do a spot allergy test on their forearm first to be safe!

    Can I use to much of it?

    No! Use as much as you prefer. Just remember to avoid eye area as the skin in that area is much more delicate.

    Does it stain?

    No. our oils do not stain clothing with their natural coloring. However, if you put a lot on and come in contact with clothing material you will more than likely see an oil mark. Usually it takes about a 1-3 minutes for our blends to absorb, depending on which formulation you’re using and your skin type.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Great product just like all the other oils

    Every time I order I try something new. Never disappointed.

    Wendy Goss

    I love the oil. I wish it was in a dark bottle to keep the integrity of the oil. Is there a reason you don’t package it in a dark bottle?

    Rebecca Thompson
    Calm in a bottle

    I love using the By Karisse Calm body oil at night right before I go to bed to helps my body calm down from the days madness. It smells so good and is so effortless to apply it’s a no brained for me. My skin feels soft and my brain feels calm…..couldn’t ask for a better nighttime routine.

    Dot Wall
    Calming body oil

    I totally love this oil. Perfect after my bath or before going to bed. It speeds up relaxation ! ❤️

    Andrea Smith

    The smell, the feel and the results from using this product are amazing! I can’t recommend this product more highly.